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Close call

A St James teen is this evening counting her lucky stars.

That’s because as Natasha Farmer was driving along Trents in St James she lost control of her Suzuki Vitara, it slid and she hit an embankment which resulted in the vehicle flipping on its top and landing in the bushes next to the Frederick Smith Secondary School.

Car overturned in bushes.

Car overturned in bushes.

The car was squashed, windows broken and badly damaged, but luckily, the 18-year-old received no serious injuries.

Sonia Tucker, a security guard at Frederick Smith Secondary, told Barbados TODAY that she was jolted by the bang of the impact. She said that when she heard it, she ran to the scene to the sounds of Farmer shouting for help.

“I rushed up there and I saw the vehicle in the bushes. I went and ask the young lady if somebody else was with her and she told me no. So I pulled her [from the car] and hugged her,” Tucker said as she recounted that the young woman continued to cry and was physically shaking as she consoled her.

Farmer’s brother Mark also rushed to the scene upon hearing the news. By that time she had already been taken to the Sandy Crest medical clinic by a police vehicle. He told Barbados TODAY however, that his sister was very shaken up but she was recovering.

He said according to reports had sustained a few scratches. 

One Response to Close call

  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne March 13, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Hallelujah she’s alright.


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