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No closure of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited

No closure of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited

Despite the reported closure of The Rum Refinery at Mount Gay Limited, producers of rum at Mount Gay Distilleries Limited say they are still very much in business.

Mount Gay Refinery

Mount Gay Refinery

Yesterday Barbados TODAY, under a story headlined Rum Worry, reported the closure of the refinery based in St Lucy and workers concerns about payments that were supposed to be forthcoming. Additionally, operators of that refinery told Barbados TODAY that the refinery had ceased production and let go employees there.

However in a statement this afternoon, Mount Gay Distilleries Limited noted that while it did have a relationship with the refinery and had facilities in St Lucy, its operations were separate and distinct, and it was still open and doing business.

“The report led to much confusion among members of the public concerning the identities of the two companies,” the company said through its public relations firm.

It reported managing director Raphael Grisoni as saying that there was a historical and supply relationship between The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Limited, and Mount Gay Distilleries Limited itself, though the entities were separate.

“The operations of Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd have not been affected by recent events within The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Ltd, and our production of Mount Gay Rum continues as normal,” said Grisoni.

Mount Gay Distilleries Limited was acquired in 1989 by the France-based rum and spirits company, Rémy Cointreau. Mount Gay Rum
is distributed internationally to more than 70 countries.

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