Good customer service ‘one way out’

As the country continues to feel the brunt of the current economic climate, it is important that every Barbadian understand that one of the avenues out of it is the practice of good customer service.

Senior assistant general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union, Gabby Scott, made this recommendation this morning as he spoke to Barbados TODAY during day three of the Week Of Excellence seminar. It was held at the BWU’s Mangrove, St Phillip Labour College and focused on Quality Service Delivery And Effective Communication And Customer Relations, which are important areas in the quest to sustain the island’s service industries, particularly tourism.

“We believe that at this time in our island where we have the economic downturn if we are to pull ourself away from that we necessarily to have a situation where every Barbadian understands why you should be delivering customer service and customer excellence,” he said.

Scott explained that the training programme which targeted employees from both the public and private sector, particularly those people who have to interface with people in the public arena as the country strives to build relationships that cement companies and organisations.

Meanwhile, in delivering the opening remarks, Doreen Deane, principal of the college, said that while the country recognized that the skills and attitudes in the delivery of optimum service to visitors to the island must be polished, it must be equally be recognized that the same standards of service should be offered at every level of interactions, in homes, schools, at play and work.

She indicated that organizations which provide services must be efficient, effective, excellent and equitable, with the customer at the heart of everything their do. The principal said a customer focus principle played just as important a role for small frontline units as it would for large corporate organizations, as customer service was delivered to offer all organizations a practical tool for driving customer
focussed change.

“So, we are therefore saying that where you work and whatever you do you must have a customer focus attitude. It is imperative that all of us who function in an organization . . . realize that his or her role is significant in the retention of customer loyalty-the front desk clerk, the telephone operator, the CEO, the maid – we all have to understand the important role we play in customer service; none is more important than the other.

“We must also bear in mind the significant loss that our indiscretions can cost to an organization, since we are told that it cost to an organization, since we are told that it costs an organization five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a current one,” the principal said.

As a result, Deane stressed that the BWU, Producitivity Council, Public Sector Reform, Central Bank of Barbados and the Barbados Employers’ Confederation had partnered to provide the necessary training.

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