Bring life to The City

Bridgetown can come alive at night with the construction of apartments on Trevor’s Way, The City, for directors of companies and other well-to-do persons who have an interest in living in there.

Former Chief Town Planner Lenny St Hill offered this suggestion Friday while delivering the lunchtime lecture at the headquarters of the Democratic Labour Party on George Street, St Michael.

Responding to a query from the floor which suggested that Barbados will never become a First World country without a First World capital city with middle class people living there, St Hill said: “Hincks Street, for example, in The City could be redeveloped in such a way that the directors of companies of Broad Street could have their apartments in the wasted airspace over those defunct warehouses.

“Hincks Street could tomorrow be transformed into a residential development by using the properties owned by BS&T and all the others. When the Chamber of Commerce and Industry makes a noise about bringing life back into The City, they have forgotten that life means people living in The City.

“It is not drums and noise at night. We now have a situation in which there are urban tenantries, many of those houses in New Orleans and other places could be redeveloped properly. Then a lot of people, even if they have country houses would want to have an apartment in The City . . . It is redevelopment of those areas, New Orleans, Cats’ Castle, Greenfields, not for what the Government now calls affordable housing, but for proper residential development. We have no real downtown hotel. We reclaimed the harbour and we have put on it something that  properly belongs in Belleplaine. That little village called Pelican Village,” St Hill noted.

St Hill argued that having reclaimed that land at fantastic cost during the construction of the Deep water Harbour a multi-storey building should be on it. He suggested that people who were transitioning from the airport to the cruise liners should be able to have a convention hotel on that land.

“That is the kind of development that would bring life to The City and at the same time all of us would be be able to choose where we want to live if we had the urban facilities elsewhere,” St Hill said.

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