UWI rewards Green and Cummins-Beckles

The Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies is said to be the “Campus Artbeat”. So what better to way to ensure that it continues to pulsate than to recognize some of its top achievers?

Yesterday, alumni spoken word artist Adrian Green and musician Chrystal Cummins–Beckles were rewarded by the faculty for their contributions to the arts in Barbados and regionally.

Speaking in the guild office of the campus at Cave Hill, St Michael, H&E representative Emmanuella Louis told Barbados TODAY that for far too long humanities had been seen somewhat as an “ugly stepchild”.

She explained that many persons did not appreciate the fact that humanities essentially played a fundamental role in the development of any society. Consequently, during the faculty’s week of activities they deemed it necessary that this significance was highlighted.

“You find other students say they are doing management and the response is ‘Oh that is nice’; but when it comes to humanities, then the question comes: ‘What are you going to do with that?’ I think what we are doing is keeping the arts alive because there is merit in what we do.

“Don’t we have too many accountants? Don’t we have to many lawyers and business people? I think we offer that essence that extra flair; so we are important and a very necessary component,” she stressed.

“This is why we thought it was fitting to recognize these two persons because of their contribution to excellence in the arts in Barbados and regionally. We hope that this continues, we hope that we have started a trend within the faculty because they are many people in the Barbadian community that are doing work deserving of recognition. If other people want to follow suit good, but we hope that it continues in the faculty as well because we think it is important for the continuity and prosperity of the arts, Louis said.

Though Green was not present, Cummins– Beckles who was on hand to accept her reward told Barbados TODAY she felt extremely humbled by today’s  presentation.

She said: “No matter how many awards I win and how many achievements I actually gain, I will always be humble, because the same people who make you, can break you; that’s my belief. Being recognized in any way is always a great thing. I [am] always hearing in Barbados you don’t appreciate your own and you wait till people go outside but that’s not the case [here].

“I find that people always know who I am and they always appreciate my work; so I will continue to bring the music not only for myself, but the juniors because I love writing and I will continue to do that regardless of whether or not I get awards or people actually recognize –– [but] sometimes getting a tangible award is extra special,” she said.


UWI Humanities and Education representative Emmanuella Louis (left) presenting Chrystal Cummins Beckles with her award.
UWI Humanities and Education representative Emmanuella Louis (left) presenting Chrystal Cummins Beckles with her award.

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