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Charities seen as a help to the economy

As the JADA Group reports a tremendous response to its One Idea Campaign, general manager Paul Lewis believes that the introduction of more charitable developmental organisations across the island would make a big difference
in the economy.

Lewis was speaking to the media at Bruce Vale, St Andrew, at the home of the Nature Fun Ranch (NFR) charity, winners of the campaign.

“It is very encouraging to show that people out there, no matter what the state of the economy, are doing things to help others. I am impressed by the level of commitment. It is inspiring almost to see that there are people out there to dedicate their time while they are outside of their jobs to just helping people.

“And it is not just helping people, but helping to help themselves and increasing their own skills so that they can become sustainable and look after their families better in hard times and in good times,” he said.

NFR has been functioning for over 14 years granting young people the opportunity to get their lives on track by giving them positive reinforcement through ranching, agriculture and personal development.

One of NFR’s directors Latoya Lane, who submitted the successful proposal to JADA, said while girls were involved in NFR, it was not in a very structured way. Her observation that females needed guidance towards the agriculture industry, led her to conceptualize the Girl to Girl component of the ranch, to which she would now invest the $50,000 prize from the campaign.

She said that with a strong national focus on agriculture and entrepreneurship, the project would allow females between 14 and 24 the opportunity to go into the agriculture business by providing them with land and the opportunity to learn how to run the business.

General manager Lewis commented that he was impressed with the concise business plan which demonstrated that there was a lot academic thought and his company would pool equipment, produce and support.

“Who knows, but maybe out of this project a whole bunch of entrepreneurs will spring up and if you had enough of these projects going on across the island, it would make a big difference to the economy,” the general manager said.

Lane said the project would move the participants into developing a sense of independence through its wholistic programme which also includes business development.

“What is going to happen is that we are going to sit down and talk to you and your family, let’s have a look at what you normally purchase on a week to week basis interns of produce . . . .

“Whatever produce you create you would get back a percentage to take back to your family. We will assist the participants to create their own one page business plan because we want them to have an idea of how they would actually take the produce that they have and make it into a business,” said Lane.

JADA Group general manager Paul Lewis (left) interacting with Latoya Lane (right),  director of the Girl to Girl project, at the Nature Fun Ranch (NFR) as Anderson Gill  (centre), also a member of the ranch, looks on.

JADA Group general manager Paul Lewis (left) interacting with Latoya Lane (right),director of the Girl to Girl project, at the Nature Fun Ranch (NFR) as Anderson Gill
(centre), also a member of the ranch, looks on.

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