Mara commends funding for development

Transport is an important matter and impacts directly on the productivity of a country.

Parliamentary representative for St John, Mara Thompson made this observation today while speaking on a money resolution for $10.3 million for road construction and rehabilitation.

Thompson said: “Although this is a country of many roads and many routes, it would be really ideal if people could get to work with as little difficulty as possible and by using as direct a route as possible. I contend that comfortable travel would permit one to perform well, while stressful travel will deny workers the ability to perform optimally at work.

“I am elated that the people of Cherry Grove, Henley and Bomanstan will be enjoying some relief. I am also elated that some of these funds will be allocated for the completion of the road that stretches from Bowmanstan to Four Roads in St John. This route of which I speak is a road that is frequently travelled. It is a vital artery for people travelling from St Philip and St John and heading to Warrens and such areas on the western and north western side of the island,” she added.

The St John MP commended Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley, who has allocated some of the funds for road development in her constituency.

Mara Thompson (File photo)
Mara Thompson (File photo)

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  1. lynda February 12, 2014 at 9:28 am

    she need to be off the payrole, and go enjoy the millions her late husband left


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