Walker laid to rest

10-01 Page 4&5aFormer and current members of Barbados’ “political elite”

turned out in their numbers today at St George’s Parish Church

to bid farewell to one of their fallen brothers former Cabinet

member, Cyril Walker.

Among those who attended the funeral service and burial

were: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and several members

of his Cabinet; Opposition Leader Mia Mottley; members of

the Senate; former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford;

former Deputy Prime Minister Philip Greaves; former Cabinet

minister in a Democratic Labour Party administration, Sir

Wesley Hall; former Cabinet ministers in Barbados Labour

Party administrations, Sir Richard Cheltenham and Sir Louis

Tull and former Cabinet minister, Joseph Johnny Tudor and

Barbados’ latest national honouree, Dame Maisie Barker-Welch.

In a moving tribute to her late father, Susan Walker-

McDonald, recalled that even though they lived miles apart he

had an undying love for her and she for him.

She further recalled that he always ended their telephone

conversations with her with the moving words: “I love you.”

She also told the congregation the joy he felt when she gained

a place at his alma mater Combermere School.

In his eulogy, former diplomat, Besley Maycock, told the

congregation that Walker was true to himself and always

seemed to be very comfortable in his skin.

“I saw him interacting with staff, with students, with

parents, with teachers, with political colleagues ( as well as

opponents) and with the monarch; and if an onlooker could

see him only, and not the person with whom he was dealing

it would have been impossible to determine whether it was

Queen or Commoner,” Maycock said.

Maycock further noted that despite his imposing

physical presence and the matching stentorian voice he was

a gentle soul.

Meanwhile, in delivering his homily, rector of the church,

the Reverend Canon Gregston Gooding, encouraged Walker’s

surviving relatives to take comfort from the fact that he has

gone to a place where there is no more pain

nor death. (NC)

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