Barbadians abuzz

From the time it was announced that Barbados had received a donation of threewheeled

ambulances from the United Arab Emirates, Barbadians were abuzz.

When pictures of said ambulances were carried in yesterday’s edition of Barbados

TODAY, the social networks blew up. WordPress and Facebook were rife with

comments, some criticizing the new initiative and saying Barbados should have refused

the “gift”, others calling them out and saying the island should be thankful for what it

had received.

Some even described the criticisms as “uneducated”, urging Barbadians to educate

themselves about the new motorcycle-like vehicles.

A comment from Andre Worrell stated: “Have we become so arrogant and ungrateful

that we would even criticize publicly a gift. I am sure that if we open our minds we can

find ways of utilizing these items. No wonder Jerome is a former Minister of Health.

Quite frankly I am ashame[d] of him. He is obviously devoid of ideas.”

Matthew Clarke responded with: “[I]t’s a gift; they were not bought. Why should [I]

be ashamed of a gift [I] did not really like? Just [don’t] use it or give it away or sell it.

They can be used at Kensington, at the hospital to train EMS crews as training vehicles,

and at large events to get people out of crowds to waiting ambulances, some [B]ajans

seem to have quit thinking and just settle for complaining at every thing.”

A Facebook response from Heidi Littlepage-Hutchinson, noted that most of the

public transport in India was “three-wheeled” and everyone travelled by them.

“They will be very economical in gas and can be used for transport from town to

[QEH] . . . . Can’t believe how ungrateful this country is for vehicles that were [a] gift . . .

may look different to what we are accustomed to but does not mean they won’t work . .

. . Obviously used in countries less ‘great

than ours. Bajans are amazingly critical of anything different.”

Chris Hassell stated: “We claim to be a bright educated nation, yet when we are

gifted an item, all we can do is throw our hands up in the air and say we can’t use them

here? It would be nice to see those in authority use some level of diplomacy, thank the

persons who gifted the items and then promptly put together a few bright minds to find a

practical use for this gift that benefits the country!”

Petra Mccollin was among those seeming to have a change of mind after some

research: “At first I laughed, but after further thought and research it will be useful.

Bajans need to think outside the narrow box of what they are used to. That type of

thinking it what is killing Barbados.”

She even posted a video entitled World’s Fastest Ambulance A Motorcycle?

For its part, Government has said it is still contemplating the use of the

ambulances which are being assembled at Martindale’s Road, even as emergency

technicians are being trained in their operation. (LB)

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