Verdun house to target employers

Come next month one

rehabilitation centre will be embarking

on an aggressive education campaign

to enlighten employers across

Barbados about drug addiction and

how they could obtain help for

their workers.

Marietta Carrington, director for

human resource, communication

and client development at Verdun

House, said this should help

employees keep their job.

She told Barbados TODAY,

this education campaign should also

result in better positioning employers

to help former drug addicts re-enter

the workforce.

Carrington said the organization

was “far along in ensuring that we

start to role it out in a structured

way in February”.

“We are developing a programme to work with

employers so that they can be more helpful to

individuals who are coming back into the workplace

and try and remove some of the stigma attached,”

she said.

“We know that addiction doesn’t just [affect] the

fellows on the street. Our chief executive officers,

chief financial officers and our doctors and pilots,

some of them have issues as well. It is just that they

can afford to go to Miami or somewhere else and

get their treatment and come back and function.

We want to create the same opportunities for our

men, young and not so young, who may not be able

to go abroad for treatment,” said Carrington.

She said for individuals who were seeking

treatment at Verdun House it was “a good thing

because it is saying that they have a problem and

they are seeking to do something about it”.

Verdun House is a drug rehabilitation facility

for men 18 years and older. It is operated by the

Substance Abuse Foundation Inc., a registered

charitable organization established in 1996 by

a group of concerend citizens. In addition to

treatment, Verdun House also offers professional

services to clients through a one year

after-care programme.

Carrington said the St John facility was about

to be audited by the Technical and Vocational

Education Training (TVET) Council to make it

“a second chance institution”.

“The organization is working with the Caribbean

Examination Council (CXC) and the TVET Council

to take some of the programmes we have and

fashion them in such a way that our clients can be

trained in specific areas . . . and that is about

to take off,” reported Carrington.

Through the partnership the rehabilitation centre

will provide training and development opportunities,

including CXC subjects and Caribbean Vocational

Qualifications, in a number of areas linked to the

organization’s micro-business programme.

Verdun House is accredited by the European

Association for Treatment of Addictions (EATA)

and is currently seeking accreditation through the

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation

Facilities (CARF) in the United States.


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