BLP State Of The Nation coming

In just over a week’s time, the Opposition

Barbados Labour Party will deliver its State Of

The Nation  address to the country.

Announcement of this came today as the party

announced that leader Mia Mottley would make

the address on January 19, at the Lloyd Erskine

Sandiford Centre  on Two Mile Hill, St Michael,

a week after the party also launches its community

“people’s assemblies”.

A retired bishop of Croydon England, a retired

senior civil servant and columnist and a political

activist will share platforms with BLP members

when the peoples’ assemblies kick off this on Sunday

at the Frederick Smith Secondary School at 4:30 p.m.

Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party, Senator

Dr Jerome Walcott, made the announcement today

during a Press conference at the party headquarters

on Roebuck Street, The City, as he announced that

speakers for that first session would include political

leader and Leader of the Opposition Mottley, former

Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Dale Marshall,

Kerrie Symmonds, Edmund Hinkson and

Cynthia Forde.

The assembly will be chaired by Peter Phillips,

while retired Bishop of Croydon, Sir Wilfred Wood,

a concerned citizen will address the meeting.

On Tuesday the Barbados labour Party platform

will move to Christ Church where retired senior

civil servant and newspaper columnist Peter Laurie

will speak.

On Thursday the platform will move to St

Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School where political

activist David Comissiong will address the gathering.

Giving the rationale behind the heightened

political activity of the BLP this year, Walcott said:

“The BLP sees 2014 as an important year baring in

mind the dire circumstances in which the country

finds itself. The BLP and the people of Barbados have

given the Government every opportunity to get itself

together. In light of the latest Press conference held

by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, we believe

more firmly that the Government is at sea without

either a skipper and a rudder.

“The BLP has taken a decision both at the

parliamentary level and at the national executive

council level that the party will not sit idly by

and watch Barbados go down the drain. We are

cognizant that we must continue to bring the facts

to people why this government is not fit to govern,”

Walcott added.

Meanwhile, in response to a query which sought

clarification on the BLP’s participation in street

protests, Marshall said: “ The BLP has a history of

participation in the efforts of the workers’ union

back in the 1950s. This is just not about a political

party. The BLP will support will support any lawful

assembly in that regard. If the unions of Barbados

want to state their frustrations publicly, the BLP will

stand shoulder to shoulder with them.”


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