NUPW offers ten proposals to Govt


As the January 15 deadline fast approaches for Government to start its announced plan to send home over 3,000 civil servants, president of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), Walter Maloney, says that body today put forward ten proposals to the Ministry of the Civil Service, with costing, as a means of finding a way around the planned retrenchments.

This follows on the heels of a meeting held earlier this week [Monday], at which the union was asked to get back to the ministry with a costing on how the Government could avoid taking the measures announced by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Christopher Sinckler.

“[The] matter could have been handled differently . . . but suffice it to say one of the things that was most pleasing in this whole exercise has been the response of our membership especially those young professionals within the Union who responded to what was happening . . . and came up with some ideas – well thought out idea, well analyzed positions as to how we would lessen the amount of persons being displaced.”

Flanked by the union’s first vice president Akanni McDowall, general secretary Dennis Clarke and acting deputy general secretary Delcia Burke, Maloney told journalists at the union’s Dalkeith headquarters that the organization had been on record as saying the problems facing the country were not for Government alone to solve. “. . . The solutions can be sought from within the confines of Barbados, not necessarily from some distant part of the world, like Washington, where people who do not understand what is happening within the society, will want to impose their types of medicine on us,” he said drawing a veiled reference to the International Monetary Fund. (RG) 

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