Walk away


Walk away and learn to forgive!

This advice to the island’s men, in light of an apparent upsurge in violence against women, from Dr Leroy McClean who was speaking during a motorcade organized by the National Organization of Women recently.

“Many times we hear a man say, ‘I gave a woman this’ and ‘I gave her that’ and ‘I help her with this’ and ‘I help her with that’, and ‘Then she left me for another man . . .’.

“Nelson Mandela gave up more than 27 years – the best years of his life; and he forgave the people who were responsible. Whatever you give to a woman you can get again.

“I want to ask you: what are you going to say to the children who are left when you kill the woman who is the mother of your children? When somebody tells that child, ‘Your mother is not with you because she was murdered by your father’, or, ‘Your father is not with you because having murdered you mother, he now languishes in prison’ . . . ?

“What are you leaving that child behind to believe, and what scars would that child have to live with for the rest of their life?” the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation CEO raised, while advising that one woman injured of killed as a result of violence was one too many.

“Men, we know that women are not angels sent from up on high. They are human beings like us. They can be provocative in a positive or negative way, but regardless of what the situation may be, we must understand that there will be differences of opinion; there will be conflict; but these should not end with anybody being seriously hurt or anybody being murdered. If you cannot walk away, seek counsel.

“Talk to somebody that you can trust. And don’t listen to the friends and family that will tell you that you are stupid because you allow a woman to do this or you allow a woman to do that. Where would those people be when you stand before a judge in the dock accused of committing some crime against some woman? Where will they be seconds before you take that drink of Gramoxone and take your own life?”

During the motorcade, which started at Baobab Towers, there were stops along the way at Super Centre Warrens, Haynesville, Trents Playing, Mount Standfast and Weston in St James, before ending at Eddies Car Park, Speightstown, St Peter. (RG)

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