The advent of co-education in Barbados has led to the rise of domestic violence.

This declaration from prominent businessman Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, who made clear his opposition to co-ed schools while delivering remarks at the Foundation School’s Speech Day And Prize-Giving Ceremony yesterday.

Williams argued that the introduction of co-education was a wrong move; therefore the education system in Barbados should be changed back to allow for single sex schools for boys and girls up to secondary level.

If for no other reason than that, he said he wants the Barbados economy to grow.

He further contended that “girls will always mature faster

than boys”, while accusing many in the society of burying their heads in the sand on the issue.

“I don’t think that the co-education system is doing us any good. It is promoting stuff in this country that should not be happening,” he said.

“The advent of co-education in Barbados has in my opinion lead to a lot of this domestic violence that we are seeing,” he continued, explaining that “it’s not nice for a guy who is trying his best in class but he is just not maturing as fast as the girls, to find himself falling behind and being ridiculed or laughed at by the girls”.

Despite that view, Williams warned that “there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for a man to hit a woman in anger”.

“I would like the young men who are here and all other men to contemplate that statement and to live by it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the businessman commended and congratulated the students who were rewarded for excelling in the areas of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities among others.

He also offered tips and short stories to the students, which would take them along the path to be successful. Adapting a good approach towards school and developing attributes such as integrity and credibility and smartly choosing the right company were a few on his list.

“Your track record will determine how people think of you. So don’t mess up, because you can have a very good track record for ten years and one slip-up and you will lose your credibility. In the 40 odd years of running a business no

bank in this country or anywhere in the Caribbean has ever lost a cent by financing anything that I have done.

“Now, this is the reason why there are Government institutions in Barbados who prefer to have Williams Industries repay them than the Government of Barbados repay them. I wonder why? Because when I say I am going to do something, I do it. I don’t promise and go back on the promise.”

He also encouraged the students to dream but always remember to implement their dreams and activate their abilities, while holding the “conviction and belief that God can guide your life and see you through any kind of circumstances is necessary”.

“Many people have come to me and say they dream of this and they dream of that. I am here to tell you that dreams are just dreams if you never implement them. By all means dream, but plan to implement because if you don’t implement and do something, dreams are just dreams.

“I observe our children sometimes sitting down watching television or on the iPad all the day long. And I say to them, what you are watching is what somebody else has created. It is time to get up and create yourselves something that somebody else could watch.

“Do not believe that because you are a citizen of a small country like Barbados . . . that you are not as capable as the best person at Microsoft. I have observed that there are brilliant people all around Barbados and they surround me,” he told the students.

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  1. Ideatrice December 8, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I long for the day when men will hold each other accountable for violence against women. I long for the day when anger, having a bad day, co-education, frustration and all of the other excuses that are offered will no longer be accepted as excuses. I long for the day when men in positions of power will stand up and be counted. I long for the day when privilege and an ethics of social responsibility will walk hand in hand. I long for the day when men and women in relationships will realise that violence is not normal; that it is possible to build loving relationships in which you can rejoice as your partner thrives and grows. I long for the day when it will be unacceptable to preach views like this to impressionable minds. I long for the day when a principal of a school will issue an apology to its students for inviting a guest speaker who instead of uplifting and encouraging them teaches them to settle for violent and unstable relationships. I long for the day when a newspaper will be embarrassed to put this in print. I long for the day when it will no longer be necessary to type this…


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