Religious leaders worried about the future of barbados

Worried that Barbados is now faced with an unprecedented decline in national confidence, hope and optimism about its future, a group of prominent evangelists has come together under the banner Pastors For National Transformation to stage a National Day Of Prayer on Thursday.

The move has also received strong backing of the Freundel Stuart Government, which was represented at a news conference today called to announce the commemoration by the acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs Ernesta Drakes.

Flanked by other colleague evangelists, including Pastor Holmes Williams of the People’s Cathedral, Apostle Lucille Baird of Mount Zion’s Missions and Pastor Paul Watson of Messiah’s House Ministries, the head of the Restoration Ministries in Britton’s Hill, Senator David Durant, blamed the current atmosphere of negativism, which he said was pervading the country, on a number of “global, regional and national economic, social and spiritual factors”.

“We feel that these things happen to us so that we will not rely on ourselves, but on Almighty God, who is forever faithful and willing to be our help and our guide in difficult, adverse situations,” said Durant, the lead spokesman for the Pastors For National Transformation.

“God is calling upon us as Barbadians to trust him more, rely on Him, not on ourselves.  It is our beliefs that there is a spiritual solution to these national realities and therefore we are convening this Day Of Prayer on Thursday.

“The entire day we want to be dedicated as a time of intercession, a time of talking to God as a nation. The idea of the National Prayer initiative is to also to rebuild confidence.

“We want to rebuild national confidence since the whole spirit of fear is gripping many lives. People are uncertain; they are fearful they are not going to make it and they are wondering what is going to happen tomorrow, and a lot of negativism is permeating the atmosphere.

“We want to release something positive again in the air; there is hope in God, we can trust in God with all our hearts and lean not onto thine own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct our paths,” he said, as he urged Government departments, schools and the private sector to get involved in activities on the day.

Durant, who is also a Government senator, explained that there would be three opportunities for the nation to convene and pray; at 6 a.m. in all churches across the island, at noon in churches, the Grande Salle of the Tom Adams Financial Centre and the New Testament Church of God’s MERC Building on River Road, both locations in Bridgetown.

“In the evening time, a 6 p.m., we have the big service, the National Gathering in Independence Square where pastors, members, congregations, citizens, political
and business leaders church across the island assemble
and worship.

“We are addressing those things that are affecting our nation, the violence, the crime, the guns, the domestic violence and all that is affecting us, as well as the curses over the land and our economy.

“We are going to bless our economy, then we are going to release the blessings of Almighty God on the island,”
he said.

Stopping short of saying that Barbados was in a crisis, Durant surmised its people were resilient and they should take note of the words of the National Anthem, which speaks to the Lord as the people’s guide.

“Every nation at some point in time has faced a crisis.  Crisis is inevitable and we have gone through [it] before as nation,” he said. “We are a resilient people.  Barbados and Barbadians have the ability to bounce back . . . And I do believe that in this deep, cutting recession that we have been plunged into; I do believe that we have the resilience to bounce back out of it, but we have to stay focused and we have to look to God.”

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