Adult-child ties we won’t have at all!

Apart from poking its nose in Barbados’ business, in defence of
The Nation’s embattled trio, and casting aspersions on our Director of Public Prosecutions and the judiciary, as Minister of Industry and International Business Donville Inniss has suggested the Jamaica Gleaner has done, it has brought
to light this week as well –– certainly to its credit –– a most disturbing trend
in its own country –– a practice we trust will not take root here.

The Gleaner says it is becoming a common practice for teenage girls to
be lured into the bedrooms of the affluent for sex play. Often this is after the child has been befriended and has benefited from lunch money, pocket money and other niceties.

And it doesn’t stop at the girls. Children’s advocate Diahann Gordon-Harrison has spoken of having received reports “albeit not anything that points to a specific individual, but generic reports that there is a practice within certain sections of the upper echelons of society who recruit street boys”.

These depraved paedophiliac pastimes are not exclusive to Montego Bay,
or all of Jamaica, for that matter. Indeed, it would be ostrich-like to imagine this debauchery doesn’t occur here as well –– though perhaps not with the same intensity as with our CARICOM neighbour. But one abused little boy or girl
is one too many.

Sickeningly, this is the consequence of the ultra-liberalist thinking that would consume us –– this mass adoption of North American carnal decadence that passes as erotic freedom and individual an right to optional sexual orientation with minors.

It ought not to come as a surprise then that in the great United States, land
of the brave and the free, there is the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), virtually unknown for years, except of course among the perverts who hung out in sleazy bath houses exchanging notes on their prey, victims and converts. NAMBLA’s goal has always been the “normalization” and removal of any stigma involved in sex between adults and children. No doubt about it, NAMBLA is a paedophiliac and particularly pederastic advocacy group –– one of whose pledges is to fight to the death for the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that “did not involve coercion”.

They ostensibly do not support “rape”. Shiver our timbers!

NAMBLA’s website states that it is a political, civil rights, and educational organization whose goal is to end “the extreme oppression of men and boys
in mutually consensual relationships”.

Supporting and promoting such vile man/boy relationships, they hold that when consensual these relationships are neither harmful nor sexually abusive,
and scoff at any “age of consent”. NAMBLA argues for the sexual empowerment
of youth –– actually of the child.

The group is a little circumspect these days after flaunting their soiled linen before the public in the post-1990s. There would seem to be some superficial legal action taken against them. But there is no dearth of individual rights
in America.

Of course, NAMBLA is not the only perverts club around. There is another calling itself B4U-ACT, supported by a prominent American university lecturer, whose position is that paedophiles are “unfairly stigmatized and demonized” by society; that “we are not required to interfere with or inhibit our child’s sexuality”; and that an adult’s desire to have sex with children is “normative”.

Paedophilia, by the way, is considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. No wonder these weirdos are coming for our children in the Caribbean.
No wonder the assault of Jamaica’s children is in the tourist capital of the country. The desires of these deviants are the sun and sea, salt air and our
children’s innocence.

Last Thursday’s arrest of a 77-year-old, wealthy, white former New York
City DJ for trying to arrange his raping of a seven-year-old girl shocked most
of us in the Caribbean. It didn’t shake the Big Apple, for these things are neither disquieting nor rare there. There was Mr Accused smugly all over the news wearing an Obama 2012 election hat.

These people have been taking Barack Obama’s overtures towards the gay community as an acceptance and approval of sexual perversion: they have taken Mr Obama’s sixes for nines.

In the case of “a voracious adult Florida lesbian” convicted of sex with an underage girl, the term “paedophilia” –– in her defence –– was exchanged for “intergenerational romance”!

Where will it end? You can be sure it will get lower. In fact it has! Some human beings believe they have a right to deep interpersonal relationships with their pets and other people’s animals.

The normal among us call it bestiality. The empathetic, zoophilia. These perversions would transfigure sexuality –– aberrantly give a whole new meaning to a dog being man’s best friend.

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