China to ease one-child policy

BEIJING – China has taken a new step to loosen its one-child policy, in a move that will allow millions more parents to have a second child if they wish to.

In the first comprehensive set of reforms under President Xi Jinping, the Communist party leadership, said: “We will begin to allow couples to have two children if one of them is an only child.”

Spelling out its blueprint for the next five years, the document added: “We will gradually change and perfect our family planning policy and boost the population to grow steadily in the long term.”

Elsewhere, Communist party leaders pledged again to close down the country’s labour camps, to improve the rights of farmers and to take 30 per cent of the profits of state-run companies and use the money for public spending.

Experts welcomed the loosening of the one-child policy but said China would have to take further steps rapidly in order to avert a demographic time bomb. (The Telegraph)

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