Good leaders wanted

As Barbados struggles to recover from the current economic recession, a visiting expert on leadership is telling citizens it is times like these that leadership was most critical.

The advice came this afternoon from eminent Professor of Leadership at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, Barry Posner during the launch of a conference at the Central Bank of Barbados on Leading in Tough Times, Confronting Challenges and Inspiring Hope.

Speaking against the full conference, which comes off tomorrow at the Frank Collymore Hall, Professor Posner said leadership was more critical in uncertain times, than in certain ones.

However, the scholar, researcher and best-selling author suggested that leadership was everybody’s business, and more people needed to take responsibility, rather than looking to others to blame.

“When things are going well, we take leadership for granted,” he asserted.

He was of the view that the more people who contributed to the development process, the better off the country would be.

He asked, “If we didn’t have as good a leadership as we have now, how much worse could things be?”

The scholar argued, too, that there have been economic cycles like the current recession before now, and the islands did not collapse.

Professor Posner recommended, too, that more time needed to be spent in leadership development with persons at an early age, such as elementary school level.

His opinion was that leadership was not only found at the top, but in all areas of an organisation.

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