Freak accident

Woman killed after steel rods crash through windscreen

PORT OF SPAIN – A woman was killed instantly yesterday when flying lengths of steel penetrated her windscreen and tore off part of her face and head along Saddle Road in San Juan.

The victim was identified as Jocelyn Taylor, and several people who were near the scene of the accident said she lived at Sun Valley in Santa Cruz.

The police refused to tell reporters what happened or even the woman’s name, despite repeated attempts to get from them the most accurate
information possible.

People who stood by, however, shared information they had.

They said that around 2.30 p.m. Taylor was driving a Nissan AD Wagon, heading south along Saddle Road, when in the vicinity of a Ramesh & Leela express outlet she passed a three-tonne truck that had several lengths of steel rods on its tray.

It is not known whether these rods had been secured properly, but the Express saw thin, frayed ropes that may have been used to secure the rods.

As the car passed the small truck, some of the rods fell off and landed on the car’s bonnet, then immediately bent backward and pierced the car’s windscreen and tore off part of Taylor’s face.

She was killed instantly.

The truck driver, in the meantime, stopped.

He came out and looked at the woman’s body, according to eyewitnesses.

They said the man then bent down, held his head and even banged his head on his truck, screaming out: “I do that boy, I do that boy!”

When officers of the San Juan Police Station arrived on the scene, they detained him and, up to last night, he was being questioned about what happened.

Members of the public near the scene claimed Taylor was a secretary who worked in the Santa Cruz RC Church in La Pastora.

They also said she used her car to transport children to and from school.

As her body remained in the car, her cellular telephone kept ringing, but the police did
not answer it.

“But that could be her family trying to call her,” said a woman who was standing close by. The police ignored her.

San Juan police are continuing investigations. (Trinidad Express)

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