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Managing director of Screenplay Advertising Shane Lewis (left) looks on as Barbados TODAY editor-in-chief and chief executive officer Kaymar Jordan signs the agreement.

Barbados TODAY has entered a partnership with Screenplay Advertising that will allow Barbadians to see breaking news and regular video news updates on more than 100 screens strategically located across the island.

Managing director and chief executive officer Kaymar Jordan and managing director of Screenplay, Shane Lewis, today signed the agreement.

Jordan explained that as a result of the deal, Barbados TODAY would be the exclusive news content provider for the Screenplay platform.

“Whether it’s an update we’re doing as we’ve been doing over the past week – these are television updates – or more products coming in the future, we are working together in an arrangement that will allow people to view those . . . and keep on top of the news which is really our mandate, what we’re excited about, bringing to the Barbadian public all the very latest,” Jordan said.

Lewis, meanwhile, described the venture as “a prefect partnership”.

“We boast instant updates to any location we have a screen within minutes, and now you are boasting the same capability of posting an update or a message to your broadcast feed within minutes.

We can now marry the two and you can now get instant news no matter where you are in any of our locations that the Screenplay network is set up,” he said.

Screens are located at Super Centre and Trimart supermarkets, Esso and Rubis gas stations all across Barbados.

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