Garbage collection relief as SSA gets new trucks

Some of the new SSA trucks.


Relief is coming for residents experiencing garbage collection woes, as the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) gets nine new trucks as well as some service vehicles.

Minister of Environment Dr Denis Lowe says the new collection vehicles will go some way towards easing the refuse burden.

He made the announcement today at the Vaucluse Depot, St Thomas which will be the site for the new SSA headquarters.

Lowe admitted, however, that the new vehicles will not be enough to service all parts of the country consistently.

“The latest report that I have seen is that we have 23 active vehicles on the road; certainly not adequate by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

“When we reach a stage where the number of vehicles is not adequate to service the routes, then it puts pressure on vehicles because their resting time is much less. Ideally – and this is not based on the advice of the manager responsible for collections – but ideally in a growing population, I would like to see the SSA have about 40 to 45 trucks actively on the road, which would include trucks responsible for the collection of recyclables.”


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