School sex 07/11/13 not new

Now that the dust has settled Sex in schools is not

and a lot of the foolish talk is done, I must say a few things about sex at school.

The first is that it is still happening, and that it has been happening for a while. Having said that, I must add that smartphones ain’t got any right in ignorant people hands.

Children are ignorant creatures. They often do not think things through to a logical conclusion, or understand fully the ramifications of their actions. But the children are not the problem; The Nation’s published picture is

not the problem; our society is the problem. We promote sex from the womb to the tomb, but we are surprised and outraged that somewhere in between there children are having sex.z_highschool_01

Then we talk about being insensitive and protecting children from themselves and a whole set of mess.

I have heard no one deal with or seek to address the problem, and maybe that is because we don’t recognize it. Let me say here, though, that widely talked about video is not the only one with our schoolchildren. My young people showed me three others, at three different schools.

One with children at an older secondary school, where a girl is having oral sex with a schoolboy who is recording what she is doing to him –– and in the video you can see shadows of people moving around. I was also shown a video with a young girl and a toddler. Both seemed to have an idea of what to do; but the first thing that hit me was: who would record this?

the problem. The attitude of our young

people, particularly as it pertains to sex, is the problem. Clearly, it is now in the realm of recreation and not something sacred between a man and a woman who love each other. Our approach to sex is shaping, or rather skewing, the attitude of our children toward sex.

I have heard some sanctimonious persons denouncing The Nation and also the children; but circumstances make us who we are.

In our communities on walls and utility poles, in the barber shops, in the ZRs, minibuses, on social media there are posters promoting sex. Don’t tell me no foolishness ‘bout it is just a cruise –– it is about young men and women getting on the

MC Buccaneer and drinking, smoking and skinning out in a manner that would make a decadent Roman blush.

I recently came across three posters that made me say: “Wow!” First girl on the boat with no panties gets one Nuvo. First girl on stage to challenge de “2 special kinda gyal on de pole gets 1 Nuvo. Mi phone drop, mi no pick it up, right now mi no give . . . .” You get the idea?

In any newspaper you can find “$50 for three hours” and the location is private and secluded; the parking is private and secluded; everything is private and secluded. Really? Why do you want to go to a private and secluded location? To have sex! Don’t be foolish.

All of this is out there for our children to see and hear.

Roger Husbands, I would have to say, is the only person who has

come close to the real problem, and while it is much deeper than banning cellphones and what is recorded on them in schools, I will sign the petition and I will encourage my entire congregation to affix their names to it, and stand up when called upon to.

But sex ain’t new, and definitely not new in school. In the 1990s when I was at school there was the “sweetest schoolgirl competition” and other lewd acts that came

to light in the second term when everybody was caught up with Inter-School Sports. It is also during this term that it was found out who was homosexual because of the “no holds barred” approach

to that time of the school year. Sex is everywhere –– at school and at the tertiary institutions –– which makes me wonder about

the workplaces! Just short of two weeks ago

there was a massive hue and cry, but as usual we are looking in the wrong directions. We don’t understand the parable; we can’t put the pieces together. As a schoolboy, I stole a few kisses and some were given to me; my hands weren’t necessarily at my side like a cloth doll, but that really was it because above everything else we were taught respect for self, others and people’s property.

You cannot respect yourself if

you will engage in sex for everyone to see, and the other persons clearly don’t respect themselves, or you either.

We have reduced the value of sex, drained it of love and held it up as entertainment. Children having sex at school or wherever and recording it is not a problem; it is the end result of a morally confused society seemingly void of good old common sense.

There is a problem in our schools; but if we want to solve the problem we cannot start in the schools; we need to start at home; come together as communities and be our brother’s keeper. (

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  1. Jennie Inniss
    Jennie Inniss November 8, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Sex is promoted at every angle. Do you see how adults are dress on kadooment day, men are almost always properly clad while everything that USE to be left to the imagination on a woman is exposed..but we narrow it down and think its just one day of fun and by the way, have they stop to reflect on how they were just promoting Rhianna “the best thing to happen to Barbados” naked? if it is acceptable in one corner it got to be acceptable by all. Parents and adults must take responsibility for what is being portrayed, the examples we show, the children will follow…and then we call it “our Culture” While banning cell phones in school will curtail some things,they will still get uglier behind the scenes..waiting for an opportunity to explode. You cannot be promoting and feeding our children a daily dose of vybz kartel and movado” ramping shop” and tommy lee lewd lyrics and not expect a “rippling effect”. The authorities that be must take responsibility for what has just snowball in this Barbadian society i.e the government, the teachers, the public figures and most of all THE PARENTS. The children in our society looks “JUST LIKE US” Stop trying to fix a leaking ship with a piece of elastoplast… Stop trying to fix a broken levee with marl fill. Its our mess we as adults have created…its our mess to fix..It starts with us!!! When the foundations are being destroyed what will we do?

  2. Ashley D November 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Powerful article. This problem is not limited though. This type of thing is spread world wide. You are absolutely right, wire ate desensitized to sex and the children coming up in a world which isnumb to sex and the sanctity of it only become more accepting of raunchy degrading behavior. I would love to know what is being done on your side of the globe. Perhaps what is being done well act as a model for elsewhere.


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