williams industries outlines strategy for expansion

Fresh from the construction of its newest project,
Williams Industries is already looking at expansion plans
for future projects.

Chairman Ralph Bizzy Williams told an audience at the opening of Williams Tower this evening that if given the requisite permissions, Williams Industries would gut the old Ace H&B Hardware building to create a new food court, expand its outlet at Lowlands and create a new one
at Hothersal Turning.

He had earlier said that he would like to see Government adopt a management system similar to that employed by Williams Industries, where the reward to employees was based on performance and where they also had a shared interest in the success of the company.

Such a system, he had argued, put the loyalty of employees to the test and he further thanked his workers for enduring the hardships they had over the last five years, promising that once owed funds started coming in they would be remunerate 100 per cent of what was owed.

He said 25 per cent of what came into the company went towards the profit sharing scheme established with employees, another 25 per cent to any partners involved in whatever deal had been completed, and the last 50 per cent was ploughed back into new projects the company was undertaking that would move the business forward.

“Williams Industries, if it can get permission or approval, could gut the next-door building. We want to gut that building, and turn it into a nice food court like what we did at Sky Mall, and also to provide space for small businesses to operate over there.

“We also wish to expand our hardware business up in Christ Church at Lowlands, if we can get permission to do it, and we would like to build a new builders supply centre at Hothersal Turning, again if we can get permission to do it. Those you might say are businesses that will require foreign exchange, so in order to save the foreign exchange that we would need to do that, we wish to build a plant to convert garbage to energy.

“We’ve been trying to convince Government to get this plant done, and I think we have won now. The minister is very keen to get it done; so we really want to do this and the reason that David Staples, who is a director of Williams Industries is not here is that he is in the United States visiting some plants that are using a technology that we believe could be the right thing to do it,” he said.

He said Williams Industries also wanted to expand its photovoltaic generation from 2MW to 10MW or 15MW, pending permission. The chairman had earlier issued a plea to Barbados Light & Power to change one of the transformers that was now too small.

The new Williams Tower, he noted, was a green building, where the roofs were covered with PV panels, allowing the entire area to produce up to 300kW of solar power. Some of this power, was being supplied to the local grid, but needed greater facilitation with a new transformer as it currently required Williams to shut off the power being converted from the sun because of capacity issues.

The building, which houses Ace H&B Hardware, Digicel and three offshore banks, also has LED lighting, underground water storage for flushing toilets, watering plants and
even washing cars, as well as separate potable water storage. There is also a standby generator in the event of power outages.

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