LIAT acknowledges pilots’ concerns

LIAT says its pilots have legitimate concerns.

The regional airline made the acknowledgment during a meeting with representatives of the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA).

A statement issued by LIAT said the two sides met at the airline’s headquarters in Antigua to discuss issues relating to the recent industrial action by LIALPA.

It said the meeting was conducted in a “cordial” atmosphere with LIALPA’s team led by its president, Captain Carl Burke, while LIAT’s team was led by acting chief executive officer Julie Reifer-Jones.

“The LIAT Acting CEO welcomed the LIALPA delegation and it was agreed that the meeting would serve as a forum to listen to LIALPA’s concerns and to determine the way forward. The company’s management acknowledged that there are legitimate concerns on the part of LIALPA and it was agreed that both sides would continue discussions in an effort to address the issues,” the statement said.

LIAT says it’s continuing to seek to restore normal operations and efforts to get dislocated passengers to their various destinations as quickly as possible are ongoin

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