Crash claims one

Drainage Unit worker dies on the spot

Drainage Unit workers were left in shock, and onlookers horrified, as an early morning car accident left 55-year-old Carlene Stuart dead on the Blowers Road section of the Ronald Mapp Highway.

Stuart of Black Bess, St Peter, and an employee of the unit, died on the spot in the crash that occurred about 8:40 a.m.

One worker who watched it all unfold bent over, almost in physical pain, declaring she could not even shed a tear as she was still in shock.

The female worker said she and colleagues had been weeding the section of the highway when a black vehicle attempted to execute a turn off the highway onto Plum Tree Road, a white one, seeking to overtake, collided with it, causing both to spin to the left of the highway.

While some of her colleagues were able to scramble to safety, the worker said Stuart, unfortunately, was not.

“She couldn’t do nuttin’. She ain’t had no time to react. It happen so fast,” said the woman.

“I got here just after it happened. I ain’t see wuh happen, but me and a few of de workers and some men had to lift de car off o’ she. It had she pin beneath. I still can’t believe it,” a passerby, who stopped when he realized what was going on and hurried to help the workers, told Barbados TODAY.

Stuart’s son Courtney Corbin, an employee of Simpson Motors, and Stuart’s sister Erma rushed to the scene and had to be consoled. Corbin, who also seemed in shock, burst into tears the moment EMTs moved to his mother side, and was escorted into the ambulance where he was attended by EMTs, and a registered nurse who stopped to see what assistance he could also lend.

Shortly after 9 a.m., driver Erskine Barker, of Bush Hall,
St Michael, lay in his black vehicle, which had extensive damage to the right side, complaining of pains. Onlookers and the arriving ambulance emergency workers moved between
him and the body of Stuart, which they later covered with
a yellow blanket.

Barker, and his two passengers, were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance, though their injuries were not known up to this evening.

Meanwhile, the white vehicle, was also off to the left of the highway with the back partially inclined onto a nearby wall. The back wheels were caved under the vehicle and police began to move people back as the vehicle was dripping gasoline.

“De fellas jump out and just run. You could believe that? They just run, and dem was bleeding. One had all the side of he face bloody,” said another angry worker on the scene.

Public relations officer Inspector David Welch said
the police were still seeking the public’s assistance in
identifying the driver and occupant of the white vehicle who fled the scene.

Welch said one was reported to have dreadlocks and the other a low hair cut. He said it was also unclear whether Stuart had been struck by one or both of the vehicles.

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