Man found dead in cell at police station

Y061jB-pagePORT OF SPAIN – A Las Lomas family is asking for answers after

one of its relatives was found dead in a cell at Arouca Police Station

on Saturday.

Police said Kevin Singh committed suicide by slamming himself

against the walls of the cell after he was arrested for larceny of

a motor vehicle.

His relatives, however, said they did not believe the police’s version

of how he met his death and are calling for a full-scale investigation.

Officers reported Singh, 30, after his arrest, was placed in a cell at

the station on Saturday morning.

Upon going to the cell around 12.30 p.m. to provide Singh with

lunch, he was found motionless. At the time, he was the only prisoner

in the cell, said police.

They added that the Emergency Health Service was later called in,

with paramedics pronouncing him dead.

Speaking to the media at their Las Lomas #1 home yesterday, Singh’s

relatives said they were unaware he had been arrested until they

received a telephone call from officers of Las Lomas Police Post on

Saturday night that they were urgently needed at the Arouca station.

They said upon going to the station, they were informed Singh,

a taxi-driver, was arrested and later killed himself.

Marissa Ramesar, one of Singh’s cousins, said by the time they

arrived at the station they did not have the opportunity to view his body, as it had already been removed.

She said the car Singh was arrested for being in possession of belonged to him and was not stolen, as was being

claimed by the officers.

One of his aunts said Singh was asthmatic, but she did not believe this contri buted to his death.

She said just days ago, he complained to her that he was not feeling well as a result of the illness.

The woman said she offered him some of her asthma medication, which he accepted. “The next day he told me that

the asthma not bother ing him again. He said that he was feeling real good after taking the medicine, so I don’t think it

was the asthma,” she said.

They said they were calling on the relevant authorities to conduct a full investigation into how Singh died.

Trinidad Express)

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    Shivaughn Greene November 5, 2013 at 12:45 am

    Oh Lord

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    may he R.I.P


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