A Government teacher and controversial Anglican cleric is calling on Barbadians to rise up and overthrow the Freundel Stuart administration, by non-violent means.

Reverend Charles Morris told Barbados TODAY this afternoon, he supported a “bloodless” revolution against the Government, because it was not governing in the best interest of the population.

Morris singled out Minister of Education Ronald Jones, whose recent pronouncements, he noted, about cracking heads, shooting and telling school principals not to allow unions and the Press on school premises, as signs of tyranny and despotism.

“He wants to impose despotic rules on Barbados,” added the priest. He suggested that actions and statements like

those were tantamount to taking Barbados on the verge of the beginning of autocracy. Barbadians must rise up. I believe

tyrannical rule and trying to keep the population quiet. “History has shown that when the population is

threatened, and then to keep quiet, the governments go on and impose their tyrannical rule. What the minister needs to concern himself with . . . is the fact that appointments are made in the teaching service, where people are not qualified . . . do not have degrees in the subject that they are recommended to teach. This is no hearsay,” he declared.

These issues, he argued, were causing frustration in the schools as well.

The radical Anglican cleric also sought to build his case for the removal of the Government on what he said were too many contradictory statements by Government ministers, which he believed had created a lack of confidence in

the country. Morris claimed that the Government and church, which

are supposed to protect the people, had now combined to “keep them pressed into the valley”.

“The way,” he continued, “they are treating Barbadians, Barbadians are no longer Barbadians; they have become barbarians. I can see the beginning of tyrannical rule, I can see

. . . if the Government is not acting in the best interest of the people, the Government ought to be removed.”

“Right now, our system . . . Governmental system needs changing, that we can recall and remove a Government before, when it is not acting in the interest of the people; before the allotted time . . . .”

The cleric is suggesting an amendment to the Constitution to provide for such a change.

“I feel that right now, the time has come for the Government itself to resign, because it is sending double . . . . There are too many contradictory statements. There is no confidence in Barbados in anything at all. The time has come for the Government to go,” the Government teacher insisted.

He expressed concern that the voice of the church, especially the Anglican, was “deafeningly” silent on these matters.


4 Responses to ‘RISE UP!’

  1. David November 1, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Is Rev.Charles Morris for real? The Democratic Labour Party is a legitimate government. I believe Rev.Charles Morris is an attention seeker … I dismissed the Reverend as an individual lacking substance
    Charges of Sedition even Treason ought to be instituted if he continues with this foolish talk about overthrowing a democratically elected government.

  2. crawford November 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    I am truly embarrassed … Morris has been a … critic of every entity he has been associated with – the church, school and BLP. He seeks attention at all times …

  3. Basil Graham November 2, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Rev. Morris is obviously in touch with the reality of what is happening in our great country. The DLP needs to go, for sure, it is clear that the present government does not care about Barbados or Barbadians, there’s only one thing left for this DLP government to do to Barbados and that’s to devalue the Barbados dollar and that my friends is not far away.

  4. John Lewis November 3, 2013 at 1:34 am

    The Reverend is right, this government should not be allowed to govern anymore. Right now they have began to behave in the most arrogant and tyrannical of ways. I regret the day Bajans voted for them again. I am so happy I will soon be out of this country, makes no sense staying here and sucking salt


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