Gibbs teams up with Future


The Future Centre Trust has added C.L. Gibbs Ltd to the fold of local companies determined to play its part in making the island an environmentally friendly nation.

Through its Green Business Barbados programme, the Trust highlights companies with annual awards for energy-saving and waste-curtailing practices, and over the past three years 14 businesses have come on board, with C.L. Gibbs now becoming the 15th to meet the required standard for a

“green company”. The Trust has been working on additional

aspects of its Green Business Barbados programme to expand the means by which companies on the island can be certified as green businesses, and some of these will be announced at the launch of a Green Drinks Barbados event at Mullins Beach Bar tomorrow from 6 p.m.

With membership in almost 100 countries Green Drinks is a movement that brings together, in an informal setting, corporate representatives and social and community activists with similar interests in environmental protection.

Green Business Barbados coordinator Dr Ariana Marshall said it helped people establish network links for environmental activities.

“Every month we will move to a different location, and occasionally we will have some people give a talk, or display something that is related to the issue of sustainability in Barbados,” Marshall told Barbados TODAY.

According to the Trust, C.L. Gibbs, started the programme towards becoming a green company in January and has focused on waste reduction and recycling measures by instituting a recycling campaign in office for all plastics, paper, cardboard and toners.

“In addition they have also initiated a toner recycling service for customers who buy their remanufactured toners.”

The company completed requirements for

Green Business Barbados Coordinator Dr Ariana Marshall.

recognition last month by having six Royal Bismarck palms planted alongside the Aquatic Centre through the Trust’s Future Trees Programme.

“These trees will contribute towards offsetting vehicular carbon emissions produced from their deliveries,” the Trust stated.

According to the Trust, C.L. Gibbs’ green coordinator Giselle Hazell and her team have dedicated their time within the last few months to ensuring that they are complying with requirements of the Green Business Barbados programme by greening the company’s office and warehouse operations.

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