There is one Tropical Wave which is approaching Barbados and the island chain at 51/52 �W, south of 16�N. This wave is moving towards the west at 15 to 20 knots(17 to 23mph.

Generally fair skies were observed across Barbados and the island chain during the night,as the Atlantic ridge of high pressure continued to spread its dominance over the Region. As a result strong low level winds persisted through the night. An abundance of Cirrus cloud(high level cloud) covered the islands, while in the low levels a small amount of cloud was present ,and generated little or no Precipitation across the islands. During the day fair to Partly Cloudyskies were recorded ,and again little or no Precipitation was generated due again to the dry and stable atmospheric conditions being produced by the strong subsident actions of the High Pressure Ridge. Satellite photos today are showing two areas of definite concern to the weather outlook in Barbados and the island chain. The one to the east of the island chain is associated with vigorous Tropical Wave with the axis along 50/51 west,but the leading edge of the cloud mass is around 56 west. Model data show that this Tropical Wave has a deep pool of moisture associated with it and the potential for a significant amount rainfall generation in Barbados and the Windward islands is possible during the next 12 to 24 hours. The Guianas enjoyed a quiet night ,but some ITCZ activity along with Sea breezeConvergence, spread some afternoon Showers mainly along the coast. A smaller area of Convection is approaching Trinidad from the southeast.


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