Jamaican is CAPE Student Of The Year


KINGSTON – Ardenne High School, the prominent St Andrew co-educational institution, is today basking in the

glory of being pronounced the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) School Of The

Year for 2013 in the region, and also for producing the top Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) CAPE student

this year – Dea Thomas.

“We got a call this morning from Barbados, CXC’s head office, indicating that Dea Thomas, as the top CXC

CAPE student for Jamaica, is also the top one for the region,” an elated Nadine Molloy, principal of Ardenne, told the

Jamaica Observer yesterday.

Molloy said that subsequent to the call she received a letter indicating that Ardenne, by having the most

outstanding candidate overall, becomes the CAPE School Of The Year.

“The award will be presented in December in Guyana, and both Dea and myself – I’m not sure if one of her

parents will be invited to attend – will be in attendance. I will make remarks and Dea will give the vote of thanks at

that ceremony,” Molloy explained.

The maths and science student, who hopes to pursue a career in medical research, by chance heard of the good

news; and would speak to CXC herself yesterday.

“She was actually here today getting recommendations from teachers. So it was rather nice, I was able to let her

speak with the people from CXC herself,” the principal said.

Last night, Thomas, who just turned 18, told the Observer that she scored Grade 1 in all 12 units that

she sat at CAPE.

Thomas entered Ardenne sixth form in 2011 after attending Edwin Allen High and Morant Bay High schools.

She moved to Jamaica from India in 2007 and gained Jamaican citizenship in September this year.

Her hope now is to gain a scholarship to either the University of the West Indies or to a university overseas and,

as such, will be filing applications in February next year. (Jamaica Observer)

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