Bathroom where teacher was killed remains closed


MASSACHUSETTS – There is a spot in the halls of Danvers High School that will always remind students and teachers of Colleen Ritzer. The bathroom where the maths teacher was killed on Tuesday.

The school opened its doors to high school students again today; but the bathroom remains closed.

It is still an active crime scene, police say.

How was Ritzer killed? With a box cutter the suspect 14-year-old Philip Chism had brought into school, a source close to the investigation says.

What happened to her body afterward? It was stashed in a recycling bin, rolled outside, then dumped about 20 feet into woods behind the northeastern Massachusetts high school’s athletic fields, adds another source. It was left there – not buried, not even covered.

And where did the alleged killer go afterward? After changing his clothes, he went to a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant and a movie, sources say, before police in a neighbouring town saw him walking on a busy road under the pitch-dark sky early Wednesday.

Those are the answers, many of them revealed yesterday, two days after the teacher’s killing. Yet the question of why this happened – why a popular young educator who always wore a smile and went the extra mile was killed allegedly by a teenager whom friends, family and co-workers described as reserved and well behaved – continues to loom large. Chism, who had moved to the Boston suburb of Danvers before the start of the school year, remains jailed without bond. A grand jury will play a big part in deciding Chism’s next step: If they indict him for first- or second-degree murder, he – like any juvenile age 14 or older – would be tried as an adult, based on Massachusetts law. (CNN)

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