US$2m to Barbados roads

The government of Barbados has

secured a loan of just over US$2million

from the Caribbean Development Bank

to undertake a series of road

improvement studies.

The board of directors of the bank

voted to provide Barbados with the loan

during a meeting on October 17, 2013.

Among the priority areas for studies,

the CDB said in a statement, will be the

upgrade of the Ronald Mapp Highway, a

critical link in the country’s road network;

the replacement of bridges in the Scotland

District, many of which are over 40 years

old and have exceeded their design lives;

and improving road safety on the

country’s roads.

“The main challenges facing the road

sub-sector in Barbados are the capacity

of the existing network to accommodate

increasing traffic flows, the increasing

maintenance burden on the Ministry of

Transport and Works due to the aging

infrastructure and the relatively high

incidence of road accidents,” said the bank.

It added: “Over the last three years it

is estimated that the direct expenditure

on capital works and maintenance of the

roads in Barbados stands at

US$99 million.”

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