Death threat

Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler says his life has been threatened and as a result, he is currently being ‘detailed’ by member of the local constabulary.

He made the claim during today’s no confidence motion brought against him by the opposition Barbados Labour Party.

“On my way here I received a call from my secretary [telling me to] come back because a Superintendent from the Royal Barbados Police Force Special Services wanted to speak to me on a security matter… He told me that they had credible information that two people were overheard planning to shoot me. But it is a fact.

“They [the opposition] can make laughing sport. The gentleman said to me that he did not wish me to be overly alarmed but for my safety i should be aware of circumstance and my surrounding, that I should approach parliament with caution and that they were going to detail officers for my protection.

“They [the Opposition] can make laughing sport all they lke , but I’m saying i have a wife and three children and when you hear and see and read the hate mail which the Barbados Labour party is supporting on Facebook and otherwise

and otherwise, whilst I don’t take a lot of it seriously,”

Sinckler revealed.

His statements, backed up by Speaker of the House, Michael Carrington. “A telephone call was received by his honour the Speaker and we know that arrangements were put in place and

we have every confidence in the ability of the constabulary to protect us.” But standing on a point of order, Opposition leader accused Sinckler of misleading the Chamber

in his statements. “The honourable member is misleading this chamber to suggest that the Barbados Labour Party is promoting

or associating with any hate mail and this has to stop,” she said. “… because this government has now sought to execute its primary defence by trying to suggest that people are trying to get at them. All of us might have had issues in the past, but what you don’t do is get up on the floor of parliament and use it as an excuse.” (RG)

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