Appeal for young men to get tested for cancer


Young men have been urged to get tested for cancer.

The urging came from Minister of Industry and former Minister of Health Donville Inniss this morning moments before handing over a cheque from JLT Towner Insurance Management Barbados to the Barbados Cancer Society.

“I certainly would like to encourage young men in Barbados to come forward and be tested; to come forward and get their regular check-ups. The state last year provided an incentive of $750 towards annual health checks, and I would like to encourage Bajans to take advantage of that; but we also have facilities like the Cancer Society who provide excellent facilities in a very welcoming environment . . . .

“We would certainly like men to come forward and take advantage of such facilities and services. There is nothing macho about failing to take care of your health. There is nothing macho about failing to go and get tested. Everyone of us knows someone, either in our families, or some loved one who’s been stricken by cancer and it could be one of the most painful experiences, not only for the sufferer but for the loved ones as well, and the caregivers,” he said. If anyone, though a relatively inexpensive test, could verify the absence or the early detection of polyps, he suggested, it would also mean early treatment if the tests were positive and increased chances of living longer.

The 2nd Street Holetown, St. James based company donated $10,000 to the Cancer Society on behalf of one of its unnamed clients, specifically to fund the aid of pre-screening services for both men and women, including prostate and colon pre-screening for men and breast and uterine tests for women.

Inniss thanked JLT Towner for its contribution, noting that the company had made similar philanthropic gestures in the past towards community development. (LB) 

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