15 complete child care programme


Fifteen participants completing a professional nannies programme were awarded their certificates recently. The 13 females and two males were lauded at a graduation ceremony at the Haynesville Police Outpost, where the classes were also held. The students were trained “to a high professional standard” by a qualified social worker from Britain, Barbara Arthur, along with Sandie Cummings, a qualified nursery manager, who owns her own day nursery.

The pilot project, a team effort of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Haynesville Youth Group and the St James Constituency Council, was aimed at inspiring the Haynesville community, Holder’s Hill, Hoyte’s Village, Halls Village and West Terrace. It provided training in basic child care, including babysitting for those within the hotel industry, and for individuals staying in hotels and villas. The pilot was launched three weeks ago.

Haynesville Youth Commissioner in the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, Peter Skeete, explained to Barbados TODAY that the programme was established as a way to show the good which could come from within the St James community, giving that over the years it had been plagued with some negative activity. The project mainly catered for unemployed persons.

Skeete said: “Our strategy is to provide opportunities and activites in an effort to limit their participation in deviant and antisocial behaviour. It is our effort to educate our residents to decent moral standards. We train them so they won’t just go to watch someone’s child but can also contribute to their nutritional, physical and cognitive development. This can also help the caregivers, who are equipped with the information and who themselves are parents or become parents in the future, to as well provide an environment to successfully raise the own children.”

He said it was expected the programme would be hosted twice a year. Components of the project consisted of lectures and training in physical care of children, diet, nutrition and food, physical and cognitive development of children, language, emotional and social development, behaviour of children, promoting of health in children, play, babies and infants, protection of children, working with parents, first aid and CPR training.


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