No walking papers given to BCC staff


No staff of the Barbados Community College have been given walking papers, says principal Dr Gladstone Best.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY from his office at BCC in Howell’s Cross Road in St Michael, Best adamantly stated the rumour that reported a number of staff there were sent home was false.

The head said this untruth was being circulated as the reason why about 12 maids, groundsmen and campus security called an unofficial “sickout” on Monday; but he stressed: “We have not dismissed any temporary or permanent staff.”

All 12 workers were back on the job today, and the principal told this newspaper he expected things would return to normal without any further disruptions.

Through a Press statement, Best said that as directed by the Ministry of Civil Service, BCC was not hiring substitutes for staff going on leave and he believed it unfortunate the National Union of Public Workers had interpreted this as layoffs at the college.

“The BCC is a Government entity which receives the bulk of its money from Government . . . . In recent times the college has utilised an adequate number of staff to provide a favourable environment for teaching and learning. It must be stressed that the BCC has never compromised on the number of teaching or support staff that is required to conduct classes in a safe and secure environment.”

The principal also reported to Barbados TODAY that at no time did management bring replacements for those workers who called in sick, and added the security seen at the college’s entrance on Monday were the customary guards from Amalgamated Security Services.

Best also stated that on the two days the 12 workers were absent, several other measures were put in place, so the running of the campus or the study of the students was not disrupted.

He further assured: “We have been trying to ensure we provide the best environment for the students . . . . We are committed to working with the staff we have.”

Efforts to reach either National Union of Public Workers president Walter Maloney or general secretary Dennis Clarke for a comment proved unsuccessful. (KC) 

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  1. d cox October 3, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Hi if Dr Best said that he did not send home any staff why I’m I home!


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