Accused remanded

Kenyatta Lashley
Kenyatta Lashley

Police have charged Kenyatta Antonio Lashley for the shooting of a pastor.

On Monday, Pastor Telston Alleyne of Brittons Hill in St. Michael reported that when he arrived home in the late evening he was greeted by Lashley who then shot and injured him.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, said the 28-year-old man of Denton Road, Grazettes in St. Michael appeared at the District “A” Magistrates court today, when he was formally charged for wounding with intent and use of a firearm when he was not the holder of a valid license.

Lashley was remanded to HMP Dodds until October 17.

In an unrelated matter, 40-year-old Tyrone Hope of Hothersal Turning, St. Michael is scheduled to be charged for the murder of Damian Foster tomorrow, Foster disappeared on September 6. (KC)

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