E-book launched at UWI

Clive Landis
Clive Landis

The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus is embracing technology.

This morning with the launch of Professor Clive Landis’ new e-book, Getting Over The Thesis Barrier, the management consultant at the UWI bookshop Beverley Smith-Hinkson said the bookshop was growing and expanding to keep up with the publishing industry to make sure that the students at Cave Hill had access to the best.

While congratulating the professor on his achievement, she charged that other members of the faculty as well should also see moving towards e-books as the future.

“[I] will tell you there will always be a place for print [but] we have seen a lot of changes in the industry and some persons ask ‘How are we as a book shop moving towards the e-books?’ Well in the last couple of years we have seen a growth in the e-books.

“We are moving towards our e-books and we want to make sure the students who are very tech savvy at Cave Hill will be afforded the opportunity to have their text books as e-books. We are looking forward to the other faculty

members and members of the Cave Hill community working with the book shop to bring their e-books to the students and staff. We want to be sure that our faculty, who are writing books, that they consider us a very viable option for the retailing of their books. The platform will allow for the books to be sold,” she said.

Speaking on his publication, Professor Landis said he found the book necessary because as recent statistics in the United States showed, 50 per cent of all PhD students will not graduate in 10 years, the reason most cited was because of the difficulty many students faced when writing the PhD thesis.

He said, “Many thesis students get overwhelmed at the thought of writing a 300 page thesis… and they will suffer from writer’s block.”

Landis described the book as nice, short and straight to the point. It explained the barriers to getting your thesis written and listed a series of steps to tackle it. The book will be available through the UWI e-book.com. (KC)

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