BWA looking to source $1 billion to replace infrastructure

Senior Engineer Stephen Lindo
Senior Engineer Stephen Lindo

The Barbados Water Authority is on an exploration to find close to $1 billion to fund the replacement of all of its ageing infrastructure.

Senior Engineer Stephen Lindo told a news conference at its Project Execution Unit, Manor Lodge, St. Michael this morning, he expects this country to explore avenues for such financing during the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Caribbean and Wastewater Association opening at Hilton Barbados on October 6.

“We would need, perhaps, almost a billion dollars to replace all of our infrastructure in the ground. There are other countries which would also need financing perhaps of that similar magnitude or even greater. But from our perspective, we will be looking at institutions which could assist us in dealing with this problem,” he disclosed.

Lindo, who is the Chairman of the high level sessions of the upcoming conference, identified such financing sources as country-to-country borrowing, the Caribbean Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, as well as Chinese and Japanese institutions. He said he was certain the region would approach these sources for funding.

“Barbados, as it stands now, has proposals to develop many waste water systems, and at this conference, we will be looking at waste water issues; and there is still the west coast sewage project that is on the table and we will be looking to develop the west coast sewage project, and I’m sure that our minister would be putting that proposal on the table,” added the senior engineer.

“We are also looking to upgrade the existing waste water treatment plants at the Bridgetown, as well as the south coast. That will be another area that we will be looking at,” declared the BWA top official.

“Obviously,” he continued, “that means financing these projects will also come on the table. In addition to that, we’ll be also looking to improve our ground water infrastructure; the pipelines in the ground, we’ll be looking to change out many of these pipelines, and we would probably be faced with traffic problems and how to manage these traffic problems as we replace many of our mains overtime.”

He told reporters he was sure these issues would be placed on the table at the six-day conference, which involves ministers responsible for water from across the region. The Water Authority administrator also expected top government representatives from developed countries to take part in the Barbados talks.

Lindo also revealed, that Barbados would be approaching the IDB for money to buy a number of power generators, which are critical when there is an outage at the Barbados Light & Power Company.

“Most of our supply systems are actually driven by electricity. Electricity, for example, in Barbados is supplied by overhead supply, wire supply. We have very few underground electricity running to our pump stations,” observed the senior engineer.

He contended that if there was a major disaster, such as a hurricane, there could be a power outage to many of the BWA’s stations.

“And this, in instances where there are no storage reservoirs, then you could have an outage in some areas for a long time. Our storage reservoirs for the most part, only have a capacity for holding about 24 hours supply. After 24 hours, people would be out of water,” warned Lindo. (EJ)

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  1. Tony Webster September 19, 2013 at 6:20 am

    As Eric Williams famously said, when dealing with tectonic headaches in his country: “Money is no problem”…and he blithely threw $100Million at any problem which dared raise it’s head. So I can safely repeat the refrain, and say, One Billion? No problem! The niggling queries I do percieve, are a few such as these:-
    1. Please state the currency of proposed loan(s).
    2. While the size might worry some weak-hearted Bajan taxpayers, not me. We need water, right? Can;t eat-or drink- money, right? What might use elucidation, is some leeetle details, like; Interest rate? ( 5%?… 14%? … or 18%?). Term of loan? Some difference between 30 years, and 75 years. Any other ‘strings” attached? I can accept Chinese money as easily as any cash spinning off Mr. Bernanke’s presses…but I’d certainly be wary of any “accompanying” MOU or treaty, which just might be paper-clipped onto the loan agreement, giving anyone the right to fly a red flag (or any flag other than the Broken-Trident) over a resurected navy base up in St. Lucy. Or Chinese shops, everywhere…like nut-grass.

    Come to think of it, one of the better prospects for fixing this running BWA sore, would be to do a package deal with Kamla: Seeing that Trinnies own much of Bim anyhow, make this pitch to her: Your business-men gonna need water; cheap energy; good roads; shipping and air-lift. All needed to get the max return on investments, so it’s as much in their interests, as ours, to fix all these inconvenient elephants-in-da-room. So let’s go for broke:-
    $1billion- water.
    $750M- ferry
    $2billion: a CAL flights thru GAIA , ten times times a day; flights to everywhere. Forget Left Island Any Time: they just feft.Permanently. And that’s would write “fini” to any more requests of us here for future bail-outs!
    $3 billion- new gas pipe-line= cheap electricity and electric/CNG cars.

    Total: Rounded to $7B. Repayable…from corporate Trinny profits, which will be returned to P-O-S, free of any tax, and remitted in BB$ (effin we doan have US$ “handy”)
    Sorry, almost overlooked one small detail: VAT was gradually increased, and fifteen years later, was bumped up “temporarily”…to 50%.

    Then I woke up, and with great relief, realised that all is well, in Paradise.


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