Where’s the sacrifice?

Instead of government increasing fees at the University of the West Indies, they should probably just withdraw its subvention. We have become an educated welfare society, where we believe that it is our RIGHT to freeness and handouts with minimal personal contribution or sacrifice.

I would like you to protest against any portion of my fees being apportioned to UWI carnival or the unavailability of text books; then maybe I’ll join you.

If you protest against why the Government would contribute so much money to the University to hone the necessary KSA’s and yet make provision for most expertise to be imported, eg Greenland dump expertise or Eagle Hall market expertise, while some UWI qualified graduates remain unemployed .. .just maybe I’ll join you….

Ask Sherwin Walters what he meant when he said “We are bright but not shining”

My fellow University comrades, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

-Jennie Inniss

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