We are to blame

Apathy. Lethargy. Attrition. Incompetence. Irresponsibility. Attention-Deficit-Syndrome. No, I’m not speaking of the police. Or the business-people. Or the “relevant authority” . Or our vaunted “Courts System”. Or the relevant Hon. Minister. Or indeed, the assembled, collective might and brain-power we comfort ourselves into believing will “swing into action” every Thursday.

I’m speaking about you, and me. WE are responsible. We are the ones who should be drawing lines in the ground; should be “lighting fires” at the nether regions of those culpable… instead of watching fires spread throughout Rome… while fiddles are playing! WE are at fault, for accepting the status quo, as “normal”. Include also, the many in the wider society, who know something is really dread… but they keep silent. They are not directly touched as individuals, and couldn’t give five cents, either way.

When will we all realise that this is the time, the place, the crossroads, to choose the way ahead:-

A: Business as usual, with soothing “long-talk music” OR

B: Change the model; and reform ingrained attitudes; and hold people to account. OR

C. Be prepared to accept that, without appropriate action, we shall certainly arrive at a “tipping-point” beyond which, well, let’s just say, we will face in full measure, “Consequences”!

This is no time for “sticking-plaster solutions”. We passed that “gap” …a l-o-n-g way back. This is not a matter specific to the Gap, or to hotels, or restaurants. It is symptomatic of a systemic failure which requires immediate “intervention” before it metastatises.

Who, exactly, is driving this ZR? De conductor?

– Tony Webster

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