LIME adopts school: Charles F. Broome Primary receives top award

Principal Louis Griffith (left) LIME’s Rachel Pilgrim and Jillian Nunez at this morning’s presentation.
Principal Louis Griffith (left) LIME’s Rachel Pilgrim and Jillian Nunez at this morning’s presentation.

LIME has adopted the Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School and by the middle of next month the telecoms company will be assisting the school in establishing an IT laboratory.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at LIME, Rachel Pilgrim, made this announcement while presenting the National Distinguished Teachers’ Award for the most nominations to principal of the school, Louis Griffith, at the school morning’s assembly.

Speaking to a team from Barbados TODAY, Pilgrim said: “We are delighted to join partners with the Royal Fidelity because we think it is a great initiative. Teachers are so influential on children’s lives, everyone of us no matter what age have our story of our best teacher and our worst teacher. So teachers are really, really important and we are delighted to be able to offer one year’s free internet service to the school. We are also in the process of building an IT room in the same school because they are so close to us we consider them as our partner school. Many of our colleagues’ children attend school at the Charles F. Broome Memorial School. So we have always had a close relationship with the school. So congratulations to the school on having the most nominations in the Royal Fidelity Competition.“

In a brief explanation of the competition, Principal of the school, Louis Griffith, stated that two of the teachers at the Government Hill school were awarded prizes last year and he hoped some of their teachers would again be awarded.

“…They worked hard. Charles F. Broome is the leading primary school in Barbados in academics, in sports and in various other things as we try to expand our programme for the benefit of the children. We are most thankful to LIME for offering us free internet service for a year. LIME has also sponsored our resource room that we are soon going to open. So we are very grateful to [the company] for its support to the school. LIME has adopted the school. We are all neighbours on ‘the corridor of excellence’. We have the Barbados Community College, we have LIME, we have the Prime Minister’s residence in this corridor and the residence of the Governor General.”

Meanwhile, Assistant Vice President of Royal Fidelity, Jillian Nunez, said this was the third year the company sponsored the Royal Fidelity National Distinguished Teachers Award, which has honoured 10 teachers every year since its inception.

Parents, fellow teachers, students nominate teachers for the award who are then judged by a “blue ribbon panel of judges” drawn from the field of education

“We then honour them with a lavish ceremony, we give them a nice trophy and a nice portrait to hang in their Hall of Fame. …We try to encourage the students to send in the nominations because they are the ones who interface with the teachers. We have parents and past students coming back years later and nominating teachers. It is a teachers’ affair. This is the first year that we are offering internet service for one year, so we are happy to have LIME as a partner. (NC)

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