Better strategy needed

The tertiary educational system was free for 50 years and loads of valid points have been made about how the initial implementation of this tuition cost will affect variant classes within Barbados.

Those placed in a position of finding a way to finance these “sudden” fees will not be given the luxury of finding a “case” as those in power have already made their decision All of the speech and dialogue about coming together at the roundtable flew out the door when a minister made a closing budgetary speech stating that all those ready to board the train of progress get on, and those who aren’t get off.

That being said, people will continue in Barbados to vocally respond when an implemented measure impacts directly on them (we are all guilty of that at some point) if it doesn’t well, water under the bridge.

There could have been, should have been, a better implementation strategy aimed at helping those students who cannot even on mid range salaries afford example 65k a year; developmental programmes should have been made viable and realistic even if it became a policy of “pay as you go” reverse investment.. i.e small increments which nurture the potential workforce while contributing to their own government.

Taking a student loan is one thing however; placing those financially challenged into perceptual debt even after completion of their studies is another.

In closing people need to understand and stop making everything politically motivated and focus on motivating the progress of everyone as a whole thus ensuring nationwide developmental growth those who speak about wasting tax payers money Relina Coward should recognise that lumping every student into a “wasters category” won’t help the situation either its kinda like me pointing you out and calling you and idiot, but hey there are lots of persons who are motivated for the betterment of country and self as for the time wasters up UWI there should be ways to “weed” those out… but again a motion has been passed and whipping a dead horse won’t profit anyone. If the students decide to protest these measures as it impacts on not only their futures but those to come it is their right.

– Nathan Sanchez

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