Prime Minister accuses Volney of being deceitful

kamlapressureontrinidadovertradeimbalancePORT OF SPAIN — The battle surrounding the St. Joseph constituency intensified yesterday as Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar accused Herbert Volney of being deceitful by not facing a by-election poll for the constituency.

The prime minister minced no words in criticising Volney, saying he was behaving like a chameleon and changing party colours to his interest.

She disclosed that the United National Congress will continue to serve the people of St Joseph and she has mandated Government Senator Ganga Singh to be the “caretaker” for the constituency.

The prime minister was responding to questions from the media after distributing laptops to students at St. James Secondary School yesterday.

On Monday, House Speaker Wade Mark declared that Volney, the St. Joseph MP, was a UNC candidate and, having resigned from the party, was required under Section 49 (A) of the Constitution to cease to perform his functions as a member of the house with immediate effect.

On July 30, one day after the UNC’s defeat in the Chaguanas West by-election, Volney resigned from the party and has been critical of the prime minister and members of her government, in particular Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

Mark read the Crossing of the Floor provisions of the Constitution which require the speaker to declare a seat vacant once a member has resigned from the party on whose ticket he fought and the leader of that party has so informed the speaker.

The holding of a by-election should also follow, but Volney said he plans to legally challenge the speaker’s ruling. He has 14 days to do so.

This move will prevent a by-election from being held until the matter is resolved legally.

Volney was fired as the minister of justice in September last year following the Section 34 fiasco.

Yesterday, the prime minister said Volney should let the people decide whether they want him or not.

“I believe you know it is a kind of a oxymoron, I like that word, to say he was representing the people, well go back and face the people, go back to the election, you were elected on a ticket by the people and if it is the people no longer want a UNC representative go back out there and let them choose whichever representative they want.

“I have no fear of the people. So I think it’s an oxymoron on one hand to say you are representing the people, but be afraid to face the electorate to determine if it is you they want or if it is the party ticket they voted for,” said Persad-Bissessar. (Express)

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