Music child testimony

She is being described as a musical child, who could sleep soundly once music was being played, but would wake if it’s not.

Ki’ann Browne, a dynamic songbird on the local gospel music scene, has been singing in one form or another as long ago as her infancy. Ki’ann, who will be 19 years of age on Monday, would, as a very young child, often entertain relatives and friends with her talent, when her mother took her to various parties or other social events.

“My mother said from the time I was a baby I had music in me. She said I was a musical child,” the young Christian singer recalled.

She also remembered being at a party as a baby, with her mother and other relatives and was sleeping soundly next to the speakers and her aunt becoming concerned the loud music would wake her up.

The gospel vocalist told High Note that they decided to turn down the music “and I woke up”.

“When they turn back up the speakers I fell asleep,” Ki’ann related. “My mother, who is my biggest supporter, said if you want me to be quiet, play music.”

The teen who had her first major public performance at age 13 when she won a gospel singing competition organised by promoter Mike Cummins. Then a member of the Faith Temple International, she was the youngest person in that competition, which spurred her on to achieve greater things.

“Members of the competition formed a group and ministered at various churches. Over the years I have sang at many churches, most of them Pentecostal and one Baptist Church,” the budding song writer noted.

The graduate of the Coleridge and Parry School is so committed to her music ministry, that she has given up a job as a checkout worker at a popular supermarket, to be able to give greater attention to her proposed full time career.

“My work hours were clashing with my ministry and whenever I was asked to perform I had to make excuses. I will continue not to work, until I can find a job which would allow me to work and still be able to honour my invitations to sing. Between July and now, I have been singing every weekend,” declared Ki’ann. The gospel artiste is also intent on taking her planned music career to a much higher level, by taking action to enroll at the prestigious Berkley College of Music in North America.

“I have not had any formal training in singing (music), so I will be auditioning for Berkley College to study music. You must do auditions by October 28. I want to give God the greatest glory by being trained to the highest level. God deserves the best,” she asserted.

It is hard to believe Ki’ann has had no formal vocal training. Her prowess as a singer was also recognised by no less a person than the musical director of the Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir, Lester Welch, who is a dynamic singer himself. From the first time he heard her at a rehearsal for another event, Lester fell in love with her voice and singing ability and invited her to join the choir. She has now been a member for the past three years. She sees this as one of her major achievements, as well as performing in the Bobby Jones Gospel production, Gospelfest in Barbados and in St. Vincent, De Warrior’s recent sell out concert and the first ever Eagle Eye Concert.

Her plans for the future include releasing her debut album by the time she reaches 20 next year. Ki’ann is known for such popular songs as I Never Lost My Praise, Alabaster Box.

“People love to hear me sing Lord You Are Holy (as well). My favourite songs are The Battle and I Never Lost My Praise,” the songster pointed out.

Ki’ann is trying her hand at song writing, having already composed two — You Are The Reason I Live and the other so far untitled. In 2010, Ki’ann also won an inter-schools singing contest. Among the people she looks up to are Lester Welch, whom she referred to as uncle Lester for his disciplinary approach to training the Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir and his God-inspired attitude to his music ministry.

“I respect him very much. He is a great role model when it comes to ministry,” the Christian vocalist suggested.

She also respects Sister Margrita Marshall and Russel Blackman from the local scene, along with Yolande Adams and Cee Cee Winans from the US. Ki’ann Browne, an only child and member of the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre, is recommended for uplifting, inspiring and providing excitement to your social or religious events.

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