Greatness comes from within

Greatness where does it come from?

It is an illusion that only some people are great. All of us have greatness within us. As a Life Coach and Mentor, I have always felt surrounded by greatness, whether I was in a school classroom or a workshop for adults. It has always been easy to see the potential people carry within themselves.

Often my explorations inward did result in discoveries of greatness, but Like many, I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me. I saw the world as my oyster a place where my way was already paved.

These were moments when I temporarily stepped out of my fearful environment and looked into my heart. I made life changing decisions based on what my heart told me. I chose to become a Life Coach and write.

I have learned that spiritual growth is much more than belonging to the right religion, saying the right affirmations, or being positive. It is about getting to know and accept you. It is about learning to love the brotherhood, Family and the Creative Intelligence. For me, it is about dispelling this illusion of inner lack and seeing and living the greatness that is within.

There are many persons who associate success at work, success in relationships, and the acquisition of money with my sense of worth. If they were making a lot of money, they felt valuable. If they were successful in work and people liked them, they felt valuable. If their relationships were going well, they felt valuable. On the flip side, when those parts of their life were not working they would feel this inner feeling of lack.

Why do we set ourselves up to experience lack, or disappointment, or bitterness? There is a payoff. To be in a place of lack is uncomfortably comfortable. It’s misery, but it is the misery we know. These feelings are a part of us, and by letting them go we feel we may lose a part of our self.

When I am expressing greatness and abundance I am in a place where no excuses are accepted.

No one feels sorry for a great person surrounded by abundance. We expect only greatness from great people. If my excuses (situations of lack) are taken away what do I have? A part of me thinks I will have unrealistic expectations which I will never be able to meet. I will be a target for blame and criticism. Another part of me knows that if I face my feelings and let go of the excuses my greatness will flow forth, and I will be free.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is a Certified Life Coach and Business and marketing Consultant

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