The church’s purpose

Everything that is something and everyone who is someone seem to have a day.

Within the past few years going back to church too got a day.

I have to say upfront, I don’t have a problem with anybody coming to church. Whosoever will may come. If you are on your way home from partying and stale drunk, if you are going to the beach, if you are on your way to work, if you are going to the supermarket Sunday morning, come, service starts at 8.30 a.m.

My question though is why and what are you going back to church for?

If you are not going to church there must be a reason. And the reasons can be bulked together; you and somebody in the church fall out, you don’t like somebody or somebody don’t like you or you hear so and this lead to the falling out. You don’t like what the priest said or you hear that he or she do something and you left. There are other things you deem more important like work – and ya better go to work because you might lose your job. Probably you prefer to go rally or the beach.

I am a little uncomfortable with this back to church Sunday thing.

Church is the gathered body of believers, is this what we are going back too?

Because quite frankly it would do us well to keep from around some bodies of persons of like or similar faith..

As a boy I was not a fan of church. Canon Rufus T. Broome, later Bishop, was a big, serious imposing man, the service was long, the place was hot and I didn’t like all them clothes. In my protest, my grandmother, whom I could trust to always come to my rescue, told my mother to leave me alone and added that you could praise God in your closet.

This was up until she heard me singing a calypso while I was home one Sunday with her after she returned from the early 7:30 a.m. service. Her tune then changed to “If he can sing banja he can sing for the Lord,” and I was tossed into the junior choir.

I later began to enjoy worship. I understood what was going on and I wanted to be a part of it.

Many people do not want to be a part of the church as it currently stands and I don’t blame them because some of them have some legitimate reasons why they do not want to be.

I want to suggest a few things

The first is that the present church get back to being Church, get back to or rather progress to what church or what Jesus Christ intended church to be and not what many of us have conceptualised for our own financial and emotional profit.

When we get back to church some things will begin to happen. One of those things is that people will want to be with us.

Going to church is not and should not be treated as a chore or duty but a privilege. When we see that we will begin to enjoy it. When we enjoy it we will begin to see it that way.

There are too many people in our congregations who go or come to church simply because it is something they have been doing for so long they do not know what else to do on Sunday morning.

Church has to gravitate toward a relationship with God, not a relationship with the priest or an organisation. Too many of us do church work and not God’s will – church work can only gain us empty praise.

I don’t care if you go or stay away from church, however I must insist on a relationship with God

Chances are, if you have left church because of an issue or dispute you are coming back to the same thing, the same behaviour or environment. From my experience I have noticed that any change in church takes place at the speed of molasses on a level surface.

If we are inviting persons back to that then it is a waste of time.

If we are going to put in a show for one Sunday and then revert back to our old ways next Sunday then we are being counterfeit.

I believe we need to get back to church, not necessarily the type of church you left, but more importantly I believe we need to get back to God and that does not come via invitation but from a desire to be a part of something beautiful.

Our life as Christians, as a church, need to represent the beauty, the love, the peace, the hope and everything else that is God.

One of my closest friends who I often turn to do for reassurance and refuge recently told me that she had left church and was invited back on numerous occasions, but her turning point came after she observed a young Christian couple who just seemed happy with church, exhibited a humanity that was unmatched by many and exuded God.

This is how we can get back and encourage others to come. Not by gossiping, fighting for power and position, not by making some feel less than others, but by representing God not necessarily a denomination.

Go back to church, but more importantly, go to God.

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