Bishop: Confirmation numbers down

Bishop Dr. John Holder
Bishop Dr. John Holder

The number of confirmations being done by the Anglican Church are at a stand still, says Bishop of Barbados, Dr. John Holder.

Holder said that while his church wwas still confirming young people regularly and most parishes would have a confirmation every other year the numbers were “levelled off”.

He was at the time attending a presentation of a $15,000 cheque by Sir Richard Cheltenham to help with the restoration project at the Cathedral of St. Michael and All Angels in St. Michael’s Row, the City this morning.

“We don’t have as many children being baptised now as years before … gone are the good old days when a family had five or six or 10…. there is a fall off in terms of births and a fall of in terms of baptism and since we have the largest Christian group in the country we will see it. In the old days one family in the church had sometimes 10 children and automatically they were baptised, automatically they were confirmed. The whole pattern has changed, the population rate is falling and we see the result.”

While Holder said he could not make an automatic connection between the halt in the confirmation rates with the increase in violent crimes, he however stated his ministries continued to encourage people to follow the Christian way.

“The Christian way helps to deal with many of the challenges in life,” he told Barbados TODAY, and added: “We are still into outreach. We are cognisant of the fact we need to reach out beyond ourselves and share the gospel of the good news to other people.”

The Anglican diocese has more than 40 congregations across the island. (KC)

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  1. Jay Butcher
    Jay Butcher September 13, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    people are getting smarter


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