The value of life

Life is precious and must be cherished. With all the recent suicides in Barbados it causes me to wonder what has truly gone wrong. For someone to think that ending their life prematurely is the only solution to their problems is very sad.

With life comes problems, stress and complications but it is how you deal with it. I was always taught that when you think that you are at your wits end that is when help arrives. Have you ever ridden on a train underground? You go through tunnel after tunnel but eventually you approach the light. Life is very similar to that of a train ride but always remember there is light at the end of it.

I believe that sometimes we do not see Depression as something serious. Some of us believe that eventually the person will snap out of it. Unfortunately that is not always the case. If you have any family or friends that you are aware of that may be suffering from Depression please advise them to either talk to you or seek professional help. Depression can be so serious that it causes persons to have to take medication to calm them or to sleep.

I know someone who is very close to me that attempted suicide but failed. I was shock when I found out because that person in my opinion was a strong individual but everyone comes to a breaking point but it is how you handle it. To this day she regrets that decision she made to try to end her life. She realised that it was a selfish act. She never thought of the people she would have left behind and how they would feel. She never considered the devastation if she had succeeded would have caused. She has thought me to never judge a book by its cover or assume you know someone or what they maybe going through.

It annoys me when some person commits suicide and others speculate the reason why. Unless they leave a letter you will never know. Some things to others may be frivolous while others view it as serious. So please do not judge anyone.

I pray that this trend of suicides do not continue and persons who are contemplating it seek help. The race of life was never for the swift but for those who endure to the end. There is always hope in every situation all you need is faith. You may not have money in your pocket but you have life and with life come the opportunity to improve your situation.

Never be so proud to ask for help or confide in someone. You might be surprised that they may know of someone who maybe going through what you are going or maybe experiencing what you are going through. Be strong and know that God doesn’t give you more than you can bear; he gives you what you need to build you into what you are supposed to become.

Have a wonderful week ahead!! One love!!!

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