Close eye on Kreig Ruhh Ruhh Ray Raymond

bajanvibeskreigruhhruhhrayraymondA young man deeply motivated is one way to describe Kreig Ruhh Ruhh Ray Raymond.

He dreams of one day making it big in the music business and making God, his family and the entire country proud.

When Bajan Vibes spoke with The Lester Vaughan School student he boldly stated that in 10 years, he saw himself in magazines, touring the globe, representing major brands and paving the way for the younger generation of entertainers on the island.

Until then, however, the 17-year-old is labouring to get his name and talent to the masses.

Presently, he has almost 2,000 likes on Facebook where there is a good deal of talk about his singing via covers of hit pop songs.

When one hears him sing, they might think he has been doing this for years but the youngster revealed he had only been seriously pursuing his dream from last year. After he was heard for the first time singing publicly at a prefect seminar, he was invited to audition for

his school’s model search as the entertainment. With that performance and because of the

overwhelming acceptance of him from those in attendance he decided to take it on, on a larger scale.

”I started because I was told my voice brings a sense of comfort so I thought that I should share that comfort with others. Taking the job as an entertainer isn’t all about you… It’s about the people you’ll influence with your talent,” he said.

Raymond is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, as the “total package” for any aspiring entertainer, as well as Will Smith and his commitment to family.

”Family and life influences me to be kind to my family- whether blood or adopted. The challenges I have are not major but support for my family sometimes deepens my vibe and I am always uplifted by their support. I take criticism as healthy advice, my aim is to better myself as an artist so I could improve my game, to be able to impact more lives.”

The advice he wants to give other teens who also have big dreams is to know in their hearts that what ever they wanted to pursue was something they genuinely wanted to do with their life. And he said while it sometimes is important to have swag it is more important to have character, “so always remain humble in your heart”. (KC)

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  1. NDAMIK September 12, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Blessed congratulations, keep learning about the craft of music, vocal chord use and health. The ten years are good and you can develop the person you are at best. Singing as Paul Robeson could do in other languages is great. A good college education is great to also be a part of your development of your career. Wishing you all the best.


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